Employing Illegals Could Mean Prison Time

So many companies and business owners violate federal employment laws that the issue is becoming an epidemic. These owners see an opportunity to exploit humans by paying them low wages. And they see a way for them to not have to pay taxes on the workers that they have because they are all illegal. Such is the case of a construction company in Dallas that it has repeated violations for hiring and paying illegals. Ripping off people and not paying taxes is just the tip of the iceberg for one executive. They are now facing prison time for their serious lack of judgment.

Illegal immigration is a serious matter. It undercuts everything that President Trump has worked hard to make better for legal citizens. In another case, four upper management people from a company called Speed Fab-Crete hid illegal immigrants by moving them to a staffing company. This was done to appear compliant and legal after an audit of the company showed that some workers were illegal. Instead of letting them go and hiring legal workers they tried to hide them, so they could reuse them later on. The top person at the company will face up to five years in prison for his efforts to make a dollar.

The main thrust of liberal Democrats is that they believe that illegals have every right to be in the country as the next person. The truth is that the longer the illegals are in the country, the worse off things are going to get. Law enforcement and city officials have to step up and deal with the problem in their areas. When ICE shows up law enforcement needs to assist and remove the illegals as quickly as possible. People who resist helping should also be taken to prison for interfering in a law enforcement operation.

One news outlet reported that “This fiscal year, the North Texas region led the U.S. in the number of civil arrests of immigrants for the third year in a row. The relative lack of criminal cases against companies and their owners, however, has been a long-standing trend that also existed under the Obama administration.” Obnoxious Obama simply chose not to deal with the issue. But President Trump is dealing with the problem head-on. He is wanting to arrest and deport every illegal person in the nation. Including the dangerous Dreamers.

The only ones that suffer when illegals are used as workers are the regular working class. They have to remain unemployed because cheap criminal labor is being exploited. Massive illegal immigration undermines the working class. But what has happened is that people have learned how to beat the system and make money doing it. One contractor put it this way “The reality is that a person that was hired as a laborer in 1988, I paid $15 an hour and within a month if I could leave him on the job alone, he got $20 an hour. If I hired somebody that already knew how to do certain types of labor or certain types of operations, they would get $20 an hour. Now, the average wage in Los Angeles for construction workers is less than $11 an hour. They can’t go lower than the minimum wage.” The owners never have to issue raises, and they certainly do not have to pay employer taxes.

President Trump was right when he declared that many illegals are responsible for crimes in America. Many of them have committed horrible crimes and have gotten away with it. Employers beware that the White House is coming for them. “Those employers who continue to knowingly violate federal laws not only risk hefty fines but also spending time in prison.” This was said by a special agent tasked with dealing with repeated business owner violators. He has stated that the best deterrent of this kind of behavior is to simply lock the owners up. After all, who wants to miss the next five years of their child’s growth because they decided it would be a good idea to hire a bunch of illegals as employees.