Dems Scramble to Save Biden in New Hampshire


If you haven’t heard, incumbent President Joe Biden has been a bit down on his luck a bit. But Democrats’ efforts to give him a boost in one early primary state may only make things worse.

As you might know by now, Biden’s name has officially been struck from the number of those who will appear in New Hampshire’s Democratic primaries. Biden didn’t do so well in the Granite State back in 2020 or several of the earliest states to primary.

And so, as usual, the Democrats have changed a few rules to allow for what they likely presume will be more success for Biden, both in the primaries and the general election. Instead of having New Hampshire go first, as it has done for the last 40 years, the DNC has chosen South Carolina to go first, which is the first state that Biden won in 2020.

The problem, of course, is that New Hampshire is none too thrilled about being stuck in any other place than first. Plus, they actually have a law that requires their primary to be held a full week ahead of anyone else’s.

So New Hampshire is sticking to their guns and scheduling their primary first, as usual.

Now, this has naturally made the DNC and the Biden White House a bit miffed. With deadlines to file for the fast approaching and, once again, the first primary just around the corner, Biden would have to rush to get his name filed on time.

Due to this and the DNC’s apparent rage at New Hampshire, the powers that be have decided not to even campaign or have Biden’s name included in the primary.

But this isn’t exactly a punishment for New Hampshire. Instead, it’s turning into a mistake for Biden.

Of course, he has plenty of supporters who are willing to help out.

Namely, a movement called Write-In Biden. As its name implies, the idea is to campaign for Biden in the state and encourage people to simply write Biden’s name at the bottom of the primary ballot, as there is always a place to do so.

But based on what we’ve seen on social media thus far, the movement isn’t gaining much momentum.

Most of this is due to a voting base that has now obviously been cast aside and thrown under the bus by Biden. And this makes thousands in the state that much more likely to vote for anyone but Biden.

Then again, as 2020 proved, Biden’s never been all that popular in New Hampshire to begin with. That year, he came in fifth place. And since then, his popularity hasn’t exactly grown.

Plus, if you haven’t heard, there is another Democratic challenger for Biden’s seat. And unlike some on the Democratic ballot, this one isn’t crazy or unconnected.

Dean Phillips is one of the few Dems who actually admit that Biden is too old or too mentally unfit to do his job. He also happens to be one the richest Congressional members of all time.

Now, to be clear, should Biden lose New Hampshire or simply not make his way onto the ballot in any form, it doesn’t mean he’ll lose the primary or the general election. After all, New Hampshire, while critical in setting the pace for the race, is what some would call small potatoes in comparison to other states, such as California or Florida.

However, not being on the ballot or losing to anyone else would be a rather embarrassing start, again, for Team Biden. Way to go, Dems.