California is Swimming in Poop

Obdachloser Bettler auf der Piazza delle Erbe im Altstadtzentrum

California has become the state of fools. The Democrats have reigned in power and as a result, the state has become a place where many do not want to live or visit. The Liberal Democrats have taken the great state and turned it into a place where socialism is destroying the entire state. The Democrat’s vision of a socialist society will never work as it takes from hard-working citizens and gives to the freeloading Democrats that want to take what does not belong to them.

This past week the Environmental Protection Agency brought to light the problem that the state of California has “piles of human feces” lying around in the streets and it is posing a health concern to the homeless that have been piling up. The Democrats are in power in the state, and they do not care about the homeless problem plaguing the major cities. The EPA cited the state for the poop that is making people sick and demanded a cleanup plan to take care of the problem.

The remediation plan that the dumb Democrats are to come up with is to address the problem of the poop and it needs to address “potential water quality impacts from pathogens.” Poop is extremely unhealthy as it is a breeding ground for all sorts of deadly viruses. When it is left in the streets and it mixes with water people can get sick. The Democrats have allowed things to get so bad that they are guilty of violating federal water quality laws. They are all guilty of failing to deal with the poop that is part of the homeless problem.

The socialist America that the dumb Democrats are proposing leads to this kind of environment. This is what they want for America. California is a picture of what the nation will look like if the Democrats ever come to power in the nation. They only care about what they can get out of people. They only care about who they exploit for their selfish gain.

One official has stated that “President Trump hinted last week during a fundraising trip to the state that the EPA might be planning to act against California for neglecting the homeless crisis by citing it for violating environmental laws.” For the crazy climate wackos that say the president hates the environment are eating their words as he is acting on behalf of the environment and the homeless living in California.

Andrew Wheeler stated in a comment to the governor Gavin Newsom, “Based on data and reports, the EPA is concerned that California’s implementation of federal environmental laws is failing to meet its obligations required under delegated federal programs. The cost of this failure will be paid by those Californians exposed to unhealthy air and degraded water.” He went to say “The purpose of this letter is to outline the deficiencies that have led to significant public health concerns in California and to outline steps the state must take to address them.”

The purpose of the EPA getting after the state is to make them care about people. The Democrats just don’t care, and they must be made to make the effort. The homeless in California need help, and they are not getting it from the Democrats. They are getting from a Republican president that cares about people. He is working on their behalf to make their lives better.

The Democrats have taken everything that the homeless had and made it their own through high taxes and lousy healthcare. When a person takes a poop on the sidewalk and there is nothing done to fix the problem there is a lack of love and compassion coming from those in power. The people in power right now in California are the Democrats.

The Democrats will tell people that they are aware of the problem, but they certainly are not doing anything about it. The state has 30 days to comply with the mandate, or they will face consequences for their lack of compassion for the people of the great state of California.