Border Patrol Suicides Are Skyrocketing Under Joe Biden

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang /

A record number of Border Patrol agents are now committing suicide after being subjected to the daily horrors of Joe Biden’s open border policies. Having to deal with raped children and rotting corpses on a daily basis is causing an unprecedented mental health crisis. It’s gotten to the point where the suicide rate among Border Patrol agents is now twice as high as the rest of the law enforcement community combined.

Agents talked about their horrifying experience in a series of interviews with the Free Press, which was published Wednesday. One agent said he has encountered child rape victims every single day for the past two years. A 13-year-old girl was raped multiple times by her smuggler, in one example he described. She was traveling with her younger brother and the smuggler threatened to hurt the boy if she didn’t submit to him.

The “official” number of illegal alien encounters is now approaching 8 million, but the true number is believed to be closer to 20 million in three-plus years. As a result of all the human misery that they are exposed to every day, 14 Border Patrol members killed themselves in 2022. The number for 2023 hasn’t been published yet, but it is expected to be even higher.

Seven agents who spoke anonymously said their colleagues don’t tell anyone about their mental health struggles because it could damage their careers. Those who seek help for mental health are often reassigned and given a big pay cut.

Meanwhile, the number of illegal aliens crossing into the country continues to top 6,000 per day. Imagine the level of hatred that a leader would have to have for his own people to do this to them. Joe Biden should have been impeached years ago for this betrayal. At least we’ll have the chance to vote him out of office this November.