Bill Maher Defends Mr. Beast from Woke Media

Joe Seer /
Joe Seer /

Mr. Beast is considered to be one of the biggest philanthropists on the planet. However, he’s a YouTube star, first and foremost. He has over 46 million followers on Instagram, another 90 million on TikTok as well as over 200 million on YouTube.

Over the past few years, he’s used his millions of dollars that he earns to do good all across the world. Some things include:

  • Providing cataract removal surgeries to 1000 individuals
  • Helping to build 100 wells in Africa so that clean drinking water is available
  • Rebuilding an orphanage

The list goes on, and there’s even a website that he has dedicated to his philanthropy. The mission is clear: “to combat hunger, homelessness, and unemployment.”

There’s just one problem. Mr. Beast isn’t being seen as a philanthropist. Instead, he’s been accused of being a “white savior” and the cancel culture has come for him. Why? Because he’s being seen as a “performance altruist.” Put simply, many accuse him of only doing good so that he’ll get more views.

In a recent show, Bill Maher decided it was time to defend Mr. Beast (known legally as Jimmy Donaldson).

Buzzfeed attacked Donaldson for providing the cataract surgeries because “Mr. Beast seemed to regard disabilities as something that needs to be solved.”

Ummm, because they should be solved if possible? Not one of the 1000 people who got free cataract removal surgeries objected. No one said, “Thanks, but I’m good being blind.”

As for the wells in Africa, Maher fought back by saying, “You know what else is frustrating? Dying of thirst.” He referred to all of those bashing Mr. Beast as “f***ing idiots.”

Mr. Beast continues to do his charitable work but truly does worry about being canceled because people want to attack him for what he’s doing in the world.

At least he has one supporter. As Maher said, “I don’t get the woke. They love nothing more than being the victim except when they really are one, and then they tell you, ‘I am not go f*** yourself.'”