Biden Gets New “Transport Shoes” – You’ve Got to See These…

Chris Allan /

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Joe Biden is far past his prime. When either looking at or listening to him, he shows continued signs of aging. Of course, that hasn’t stopped his ‘handlers’ from attempting to hide those problems.

Take his penchant for stumbling and falling, for example.

As you’ve all likely seen, it takes just a few steps in any direction to confuse the poor old man’s mind and feet. As a result, he’s pretty much constantly tripping over himself, a change in flooring, and definitely when going up and down stairs.

I mean, how many times has he fallen up or down the stairs of Air Force One, in particular?

It’s a lot, or at least far too many, for the man who is supposed to be leading the most powerful country in the world.

Naturally, those surrounding him have taken up measures to limit these so-called mishaps. The stairs of Air Force One have now been altered. Biden has been seen wearing tennis shoes instead of the usual dress shoes with his suit.

And most recently, he’s even been fitted with special “transport shoes.”

They were first seen on the aging politician’s feet in late February for his trip to the Southern border.

As “Inside Edition” noted, they looked kind of like normal tennis shoes, except that the rubber soles of the shoes were much larger than most. Apparently, they are made by Hoka and dubbed “Transport” sneakers.

According to Hoka’s website, they have earned the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for being the most suitable for hiking and walking. You can get your own pair for around $175.

Apparently, they are also great footwear for those with foot pain and other issues. It was reported that Biden suffers from peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage in his feet. The shoes are supposed to help eliminate some of this pain.

Presumably, they are also supposed to help him stay on his feet.

It’s just another sign that Biden is not at the peak of health anymore, no matter what his doctor says. No wonder he’s losing in the polls.