Biden Claims He’s Only Running in 2024 To Face Trump

lev radin /
lev radin /

President Joe Biden sees the writing on the wall. For as dementia riddled as that bowl of tapioca, he calls a mind is, he still can tell that he’s aging and not the same spritely man who was sniffing the hair of Vietnam protestors he once was. Yet he’s somehow still out there.

On December 5th, he appeared at a campaign event in Boston. While there, he let it slip that he wasn’t entirely behind the idea of being in the 2024 Presidential election. Instead, he is only sold on the idea of running to go up against Donald Trump. “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running. But we cannot let him win.”

With the 2024 election drawing closer by the day Biden has set out on a circuit to attract the most election donors possible, focusing extensively on the “blue blood” crowd in the northeast. Seniors with the same deranged levels of dementia as him, are quick to open their pocketbooks, dig out the checkbook, and hand over some of that sweet, sweet retirement cash. In their minds, they may not be here for the next election, but they can help their grandkids have a Biden-led future.

So far, most of his messages have been in response to comments and policies from former President Trump. This counter-punching style of attack is something that might work well for debates (that he has been reluctant to participate in) or for Floyd Mayweather-style boxing. It isn’t the way to win a Presidential election though.

Running simply to keep Trump from winning isn’t enough for most Americans. Many Americans who see the push by the liberal left to denounce Israel and support Palestine blindly are disgusted. A decision to support the same ideology that sparked 9/11 as well as one that took the lives of so many of our brave American servicemembers alienates much of the nation, so Biden alone won’t keep them around.

Many on the left are becoming aware of the lies the Biden administration keeps perpetuating as truths. Add in his age, the policies he is continuing to push along this latest campaign trail, and the lack of achievements since being in office has left a sour taste in the mouth of even his staunchest supporters.

Allegations of corruption and selling (or at least renting) out Joe’s office and status to foreign authorities and companies by Hunter Biden have gotten incredibly deep. While political corruption has become incredibly common these days, the American people aren’t happy with this change. So, when the leader of the free world is caught doing it, it doesn’t sit well with them for any reason.

Even life-long Democrats are starting to cross over. They see the direction the party is heading since Biden took office. Being used as a puppet for a long-term agenda, they want a free thinker, and someone who is looking to do what’s right for the country. Not blindly following a party-based agenda; especially an agenda that puts the average American last and places illegals and special interest groups first.

For Biden, this decision to run only to oppose Trump is incredibly ignorant and potentially self-defeating. According to a TIPP poll, Biden went from a 39% approval rate in November to 33% in early December. Of Democrats, 66% of them approved of his job. Those who were active blue voters however told a more dangerous story for Biden. Slipping 8.1 points between November and December, he went from 81% to 73.9%.

With other Democrats announcing their quest to run for office, Biden may be better off pulling out and saving himself the embarrassment. Running solely to keep Trump out sets a dangerous precedent, and losing a primary while still in office would be soul-crushing for the man. It would also turn the office into nothing more than a decorative piece until the next President was elected.