Biden Challenger Just Got Huge Leg Up from Billionaire


As I am sure you are aware, Joe Biden is not the only Democrat running for the White House this year. And one of his competitors just got a major endorsement, plus a massive donation to boot.

As I mentioned, there are a couple of other Democrats running against Biden. One, of course, is the laughable Marianne Williamson. Yes, she is, in fact, running again. As you might remember, Williamson considers herself more of a “spiritual” leader than anything else. She even once said that “love” should run the country.

While she has support from Oprah Winfrey, few others care to even note that she’s running. So she’s clearly no threat to Biden.

But the same can no longer be said of the other Democrats opposing Biden’s regime.

Enter Dean Phillips.

For starters, Phillips has actually run a few successful campaigns before. If you didn’t already know, he’s a three-term congressman for the state of Minnesota. He’s also a rather successful businessman, making brands like Belvedere vodka and Talenti gelato pretty much household names.

Of course, Phillips has little that a lifetime politician and incumbent president couldn’t overcome with ease at this point.

According to Real Clear Politics polling, Biden is currently claiming about 70 percent of the primary’s vote. Williamson has amassed a measly 7.9 percent. And Phillips has even less support, with only 3.2 percent of the vote.

But thanks to fellow businessman and billionaire venture capitalist Bill Ackerman, that all could soon change.

Ackerman, like most of America, has seen the destruction the Biden regime has brought to our once great nation. He’s also seen that Biden is a little worse for wear and needs replacing.

So, like most of the nation, he’s looking for such a suitable person. He thinks he’s found it in Dean Phillips.


Well, for starters, Phillips is 54 years old, meaning he has quite a bit of life left in him. He also thinks that Phillips is an exceptional leader and has all the skills needed to reverse the current problems our country is seeing.

As Ackerman says of Phillips, he is “a first-class human being and person of character. He is a super-talented, highly intelligent, and charismatic leader.”

Additionally, Ackerman likes that Phillips ranks pretty high when it comes to bipartisanship and being able to negotiate with those who don’t always agree with him. In fact, he’s rated 13th in the Lugar Center’s rankings of bipartisanship among Congressional members.

As Ackerman says, this makes him perfect to “resonate” with just about everyone, from “Republicans and more right-leaning” to “the centrists and Democrats.”

The problem is that as the polling concludes, Phillips isn’t very well known and therefore liked.

And that’s precisely why Ackerman just donated $1 million to a political action committee supporting Phillips.

The billionaire says he’s never put so much money towards politics, let alone a single candidate before. And he also understands that there is great risk involved with such an investment. But for him, it’s worth it.

And we all know that money talks quite loudly when it comes to politics.

Who knows, Ackerman’s money could put Phillips on the map yet. Even if it doesn’t, it just might be enough to ensure that Biden doesn’t win again.

And that in and of itself is quite a win, isn’t it?