Biden Announces New Gun Control Push; Of Course, He’s Using Executive Action

Paul Froggatt /
Paul Froggatt /

As is ever true, the liberal left has a major problem with American gun use, specifically your right to “keep and bear arms,” as the US Constitution intended. And so the Biden administration is making yet another major push to control and limit your Second Amendment rights.

The announcement was made on Wednesday with Vice President Kamala Harris as the centerpiece.

Titled the “Safer States Initiative,” the administration starts with an executive order to establish offices in each state dedicated to the prevention of gun violence. Of course, the White House uses its own recently established Office of Gun Violence Prevention as the perfect example of how these offices are supposed to work and how successful they can be.

According to the director of the new White House office, Stefanie Feldman, “this administration (has) made progress at the federal level.” It’s now the states’ turn to do the same.

Another “execution action” would be taken to provide model legislation for all states, basically instructing them on how to handle any and all firearm-related issues, from regulating gun stores and their owners to reporting lost or stolen guns.

As Feldman said, “We are going to continue to call on Congress to act, but in the meantime, we are going to be working hand in hand with states to advance all these agenda items.”

And agenda items are exactly what they are.

Naturally, those like Feldman and Harris would love for you to believe that this “model legislation” is a response to the needs of the people and the states they reside in. but as just about anyone can tell after mere moments of checking out the laundry list of “agenda items,” this is clearly nothing more than another attempt to control the American public.

In the eight pages of this model legislation, the White House advises states to “build and strengthen Crime Gun Intelligence Centers. These are supposed to work to help create leads, link guns to crimes, and search out how and where guns are being trafficked.

Additionally, states should implement “community violence intervention” programs. And, of course, don’t expect the federal government to be handing out any funds for these programs. Instead, states are advised to use any American Rescue Plan monies just lying around.

And what would any self-respecting liberal agenda have without throwing in more background checks and control of gun ownership?

As is expected, the plans also involve encouraging each state to up the ante when it comes to how they respond to gun violence, who is allowed to own firearms, and how much accountability is held over the gun industry.

Naturally, this section of the effort calls for states to ban assault weapons, as well as high-capacity magazines. Oh, and who could forget about banning firearms without serial numbers or “ghost guns?”

It also instructs states to add more red tape wherever possible, whether to state residents applying for gun ownership or to dealers and manufacturers. Oh, and of course, increased and more taxing inspections should be completed.

Last but not least is the call for states to end the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Basically, this would make gun manufacturers liable for any and all crimes committed with a weapon.

As I said, this has nothing to do with making states safer for their residents. Instead, it’s just another way the federal government can take charge of the gun industry and restrict your Second Amendment rights further.

Thankfully, while the White House plans for “executive action,” its up to the states to actually implement any of these ideas. We’ll see how many are even willing to.