AOC Grilled for What She Drove to Autoworkers’ Strike

lev radin /
lev radin /

If you know much of anything about New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, likely, she’s not exactly the brightest bulb. I mean, this is a woman who supposedly has a degree in economics, yet she thinks Biden needs to be spending more, not less.

But I digress…

Her opinions and life choices don’t make much more sense on the topic of electric cars, unions, and the climate.

Take, for instance, the fact that she is currently one of the loudest advocates for union auto workers. And yet, she drives a Tesla, which union workers do not make, and supports her arch-enemy Elon Musk.

The contradictions were recently pointed out when AOC interviewed with CBS News host Margaret Brennan.

Brennan began by praising how Biden has handled the crippling United Auto Workers strike thus far. Then, she asked AOC about her car.

“You were quoted back in July saying you look forward to buying a union-made electric vehicle, but you currently have a non-union-made Tesla. UAW already makes some electric vehicles. Why wasn’t that (the way you went)? Is it a problem with the quality? Is it a problem with the style? Is the market just not there?”

To this, AOC did her best to come up with an answer. But what came out was a bit of a word salad, not at all something most of us really believe.

She tried to explain that her car was purchased before vaccines, travel restrictions were lifted, and newer EV models with better range. And so, they went with a Tesla – it could get her to Washington on the lowest number of charges.

She claims she’s looking to trade it in “soon.”

But is she? It’s been noted that as far back as May of last year, she’s been talking about trading in her Tesla.

So which is it? Is she too dumb and forgetful to remember that she’s said all this before or actually plans to trade up?

Or does she really just not care about the plight of the UAW?

Neither is a good look…